Dear Consumer,

We, the TekSüt Family, have targeted constant improvement and growth in this path we have been taking since 1956, led by our Founder Recep Arınık. We are reminding this target to ourselves every day, every moment. In every decision and investment we make, our aim has always been to produce more quality, healthy and tasty products. We have arranged our product range as much in accordance with your wishes as possible, and your recommendations or requests have been a guiding light for us at all times.
We always keep in mind the sensitive nature of dairy products as well as the importance of hygiene, and thus have enabled our employees to adopt hygiene as a habit rather than an obligation, thanks to the trainings we have provided for them.
We have always aimed to keep the contents of our products natural and healthy. We have never produced anything that we wouldn’t feed our children with. The quality certificates we have obtained, and the positive results of constantly held audits prove the fulfillment of such target.
The quality of our products lies not only behind the high quality of milk resulting from the climatic advantages of our beautiful region, Gönen, but also the substantially experienced and trained raw milk producers that work with the experience of long years as well as loyalty at the milk collection phase.
We would like to express our gratitude to you for your support and trust in our brand along the journey of cheese conducted in accordance with our logistics principles, starting from the collection of raw milk to the store aisles.