Tips for storing dairy products in the fridge:
  • Products must be put in the fridge as soon as possible after they are purchased.
  • Temperature of the fridge must be between 4 to 6 degrees.
  • Depending on the package sizes, products must be divided into portions and served that way.
  • The products that will be put back in the fridge must be kept in a clean container.
  • Fridge containers must be air-tight. (In order for the products not to absorb savor, and be affected by the microbiological load in the environment.)
  • Different products shouldn’t be stored in the same container.

White Cheese

For the storage of this product which is generally sold as brined (in salty water), we should either store it in water, or store in the fridge in a completely air-tight container or as wrapped in stretch.


This product is highly absorbent of savor.

Kashkaval Cheese

It shouldn’t be contacting with air. Once the package is opened, the remaining part must be wrapped in stretch or stored in a air-tight container.


It shouldn’t be stored for too long, and must be in the fridge at all times.

Cream Cheese

It must be served in portions after the package is opened, and stored in the fridge with its cover closed all the time.

Braided Cheese

Once the package is opened, it must be wrapped with stretch, or stored in a air-tight container.